Code of conduct


As a member you must adhere to our code of conduct


As a member of the Official Richmond Cheer Squad you will be expected to behave in a manner that does not bring the Cheer Squad or the Richmond Football Club into disrepute.

As such the following Code of Conduct shall apply to all Cheer Squad members, any breach of this code may result the offending Cheer Squad member being asked to leave the Cheer Squad area and disciplinary action (which may include expulsion from the Cheer Squad) being taken against the offending Cheer Squad member.

As a member of the Official Richmond Cheer Squad you shall;

· Be respectful of others within and around the Cheer Squad

· Be mindful of language used in and around the Cheer Squad area and not use any obscene language.The Club also stipulates there will be NO “Four letter word” chants or abuse of Richmond players.

· The Official Richmond Cheer Squad (ORCS) area is a DRY AREA and no alcohol is permitted in this area. Members entering the Cheer Squad area while intoxicated will be asked to leave. This includes the Cheer Squad area at interstate venues (an AFL rule).

· No physical violence towards others

· Wearing of club colours within the Cheer Squad area. You will be asked to leave the Cheer Squad area if wearing colours of the opposition

· Join in Cheer Squad chants and support of the club, this includes using Cheer Squad equipment such as floggers, flags, patties etc.….  When allocating ticketing or seats within the Cheer Squad area preference will be given to members who participate in in chants and use equipment.

· We will support the team and the players, No abuse is to be directed towards players

· Be mindful and respectful when using Social media, bringing the club or Cheer Squad into disrepute or the abuse of players, club or other Cheer Squad members will not be tolerated. This includes both making a post or responding to one made by another person (If asked to remove a post or photo please adhere to the request)

Should Cheer Squad members fail to leave the Cheer Squad area when requested, security may be called to remove the Cheer Squad member from the area.